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There is a backlog of 14 million low-income houses to be built in Indonesia according to Ministry of Housing and Public Works. Over 11 million households live in substandard housing units in Indonesia.

Anglo Euro Developers is utilising local earthquake-resistant construction technology developed by Prof. Teddy Boen for the construction of low-income housing and disaster relief houses. Construction methodology utilises layered ferrocement structures wrapped with wire-mesh which are highly durable and cost effective. Construction materials are readily available locally and we engaged with the local communities in the construction of the homes. Layered ferrocement structures have been tested through Table Shake tests in Japan and are approved by the Housing Ministry and the World Bank Group.


Layered Ferrocement Structures are cost effective, suitable for tropical climatic conditions. Local building materials such as bricks and wire-mesh are utilised for the construction.

The houses constructed under layered ferrocement structures are highly durable as this is the only Indonesian technology and construction methodology that has been satisfactorily tested via Table Shake Tests by Japanese National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience.

Shaken by 2g JMA Kobe 110% simulation. Conventional unreinforced house collapsed, whilst ferrocement layered house survived without any damages.

Community School

In collaboration with Habitat for Humanity Indonesia


As populations around the world increasingly struggle to access clean and drinkable water, Anglo Euro Developers is working with selected Partners to create drinking water by combining humidity, sunlight and air, to provide drinking water to people everywhere, from the most remote rural village communities, private homes, to commercial office buildings.

Through Hydropanels, clean and drinking water are generated from sunlight and air, and the Hydropanels are 100% off-grid. Anglo Euro further collaborates with regional Solar Research Centres to develop high performance Solar Cells and PV Modules suitable for the tropics to enhance effectiveness and performance of the System.

Anglo Euro has established long-term partnerships with provincial governments and municipalities for the provision of drinkable water to schools, villages and local industries to promote economic activities and improve the quality of life of the communities.